SEO for iWaterlilly Cheltenham

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SEO for iWaterlilly Cheltenham

Website SEO Cheltenham

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We were contacted by Simon Butland and asked if we would be interested in conducting some research for his new Kitchen & Bathroom website – whilst it was under construction by another Website Development Company based in the West Midlands.

The requests were to look over the website whilst it was being built, and see if there were any problems with the build as far as SEO was concerned. We identified some minor issues and conducted a meeting with the development team in Tamworth.


Following this meeting…

We agreed that the issues found could be ironed out prior to the website going live in January. The development team were actually pretty calm about the alterations, and the site was fixed and put on their server in December for a soft launch, so we could test everything.

Having found that the navigation was a little light (through database issues) – we decided to add links on the foot of the page giving some rich keyword friendly text for Google to look through. We uploaded the pages we needed to alter, and the site went live the second week of January this year.

Much to the owners surprise, the site attracted a lot of attention from search engines, indexing 38,500 products over a 7 day period. This gave great ranking reports, and also a few sales directly after the search engines final crawl over the pages and content.


Socially Meeting Standards

iWaterlilly then asked if we could instigate a couple of Social Media account, first was Facebook and the second was Twitter. The accounts were created, paired using some clever technology, so once the administrator makes a comment on Facebook, it sends out a Twitter Tweet to those who are following their Twitter Account.

Since then, the site has been attracting between 1,000 – 1,500 visitors per month, and is starting to show signs of healthy sales.


Getting the Website to RANK!

One of the concerns as a new website owner is how the site will perform in Google’s Search Engine – so we have now discussed a package for the website, and we will be taking that forward over the coming months. Hopefully, as long as we get our bit right, we should see a huge letter of thanks coming from this company, and when we do, we will post it here for everyone to read.

But, for now, please find some links to more information on what we can do, and how we can help you.


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