SEO News : Space Catering Shift to SEO Cheltenham’s SiteXpress

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SEO News : Space Catering Shift to SEO Cheltenham’s SiteXpress

Space Catering Glouceter

Space Catering becomes SiteXpress Client

As with many clients, they come through the referal path through work that we have carried out for companies or people that recommend our services.

This was no different for Space Catering in Gloucester – who were finding things a little slow with their website traffic through lack of SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation.

We were asked to conduct analysis of their website, and their Google Analytics – to find out what had been going on with their website for the last few years.


Our Findings

On inspection, it didn’t take too long to see just how many issues they were having with their site structure, content and how the overall performance was compared to their competitors. We looked at their Google Analytics and found traffic from search had been a big fat “zero” for the last 2 years, ad the only visitors they had were from people who knew their domain name.

After lengthy discussions, we worked out a plan of action and their MD decided that whilst they were looking at a rebrand, they would update the website at the same time.

At present, the website is being constructed by another website development team who were recommended to them, so as soon as things begin to progress, we will update the stats and our findings.

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