Website Hosting

Website Hosting is one thing, but having the right Website Hosting is something complete different – which is why we only use UK based companies with great support as standard.

Why UK based Website Hosting?

For the last few years, there has been more and more companies offering UK Website Hosting – yet most of the servers that they use were/are based outside of the UK on European soil. Trouble is, these companies are based in the EU and other countries, but buy mailing addresses so they can register their websites as UK based.

As an outsider, you would never be able to tell if the servers were based in the UK, so here is our pledge…


UK Website Hosting

With all of our clients, we always use premium UK based servers to host their websites. This gives us piece of mind, customer support 24/7/365 and a guaranteed up time of 99.9%. This means, if ANYTHING goes wrong, the dedicated customer support and technical support will make sure it gets put right fast, and they will make sure the same issue doesn’t happen twice.

Talk to us for an instant quotation, you will be presently surprised.