Website Design

Websites come in many different shapes and sizes, from small compact business websites which only have around 7 – 11 pages, to shopping websites that have anything from 10,000 pages and upwards – depending on how many products they sell.

Either way, we can help with your business or personal blog style website, using the latest website platforms available.


CMS Blogging Sites

People use blogs for many different things, from News & Media to Universities. They are extremely flexible in the set up, and they can also be adapted to fit your business. If this helps, the website you are looking at right now is a CMS based blog (Content Management System) which is developed by WordPress, the worlds biggest CMS platform developer.

The benefits of using WordPress are;

  • Open Source Development – which means that there are thousands of people developing the platform and its mechanism. Open source means that anyone can use the platform for FREE!
  • Completely Flexible Structure – meaning that should you wish to use the platform for a Blog, Personal or Business Website, News Broadcasting or even eCommerce, then there are always tools being developed for every style of site.


HTML Based Websites

HTML is a type of code used to develop small business style websites that do not need much content, or many changes to happen. This is where web design started, and the same code is used today for the smaller business. This being said, with the way that Google is reacting to content refresh and new pages being developed, it is hardly surprising that HTML is fast becoming a thing of the past.

The benefits of HTML are;

  • Clean & Simple Code – in simple terms, this means that because you have limited amounts of pages and no updates, then there are no major loads on the amount of server space being used. This is a plus point in some respects, but with no content being added to feed the Google robots, you will find that your site will drop down the search pages faster.
  • Faster Load Times – one of Google’s prerequisits is the faster your site loads in the visitors browser, the better they treat you in search results. But, as mentioned above, this can quickly be countered by lack of updates and content stagnating.