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Trying to keep on top of Social Media Marketing can be extremely time consuming when you consider all of the new sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and the list goes on. So, releasing the latest News & Information to followers of your business could possibly take hours, and many of them.

Here at SiteXpress, we love Social Media, how it works and the benefits of the service it offers customers who don’t want email marketing, so keep in touch by viewing updates on most Social Media Websites.

When using Social Media Marketing, the main things you have to watch are;

  • you are not PUMPING sales each and every time
  • the information you release is timely
  • that you give special treats to followers
  • and make them feel EXTRA special..


Social Media Marketing >> Cheltenham >> SiteXpress

We manage many Social Media Marketing strategies for a huge cross section of businesses not just within Cheltenham, but also as far afield as Manchester, London, Derby, Gloucester and Glasgow, and our reputation stands tall with each and every company that we work with.

Most if not the vast majorityl of our work within the Social Media Marketing circle comes from recommendations from existing clients, and those who have seen our work.

Each company is different in the way they work – with some not at all focused on driving sales through Social Media. This being the case, we will always sit and talk through what it is you aim to achieve with your business, and how Social Media Marketing will work with your business.

Lastly, we know that Social Media Marketing in Cheltenham is competitive, which is why we offer a FREE consultation with every company who is thinking of marketing the social channels. The average Social Media Marketing consultation will take from 1 to 2.5 hours maximum, depending on what you need to know.

So, why not Contact SiteXpress | Social Media Marketing Cheltenham for a FREE consultation today!

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