Facebook Security Giveaway Causes Concerns for Users

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Facebook Security begins the next wave of personal data concerns!

Facebook Security

FAcebook Security Melts Dwon Again!

Over the last 12 or 18 months, we have seen so many changes in the Facebook Security and  Privacy Policy its no surprise that they have got many of you in a spin, not knowing what and how things work any more.

From what get’s displayed on your timeline, to what others can and can’t see – with friends being able to see everything or nothing as well as the prying eyes of those who you may not want allowed to see a thing.

This stretched out to many marketing companies who developed games and software from inside the social media platform. This included and was not limited to Farmville, Horoscopes and many more complete and utter rubbish applications which use your personal data with or without Facebook Security and Privacy Policy showing any concern.

Well, this has now gone one stage further, with one company developing a piece of software (Facebook App) that will not only see everything within your profile, but will also scrape the data and uses Facebook Mail to contact you directly to market products and services.

Whilst no one has bothered with this up until now, it has become knowledge to Facebook Security that this is happening – and what have they done?


Absolutely Sweet Nothing!


So how does this affect YOU?

Well, anything within your profile is profitable to Facebook, from using data about you to target advertising (Sex – Age – Employment – Status etc) to letting Facebook Applications target your friends by posting on your timeline and so on.

Now that this wave of clever no gooders have taken a sudden 90 right, they have found that they can use “YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS” and not only mail you from within the Facebook Application, but harvest the data (Sex, Age, Status, EMAIL ADDRESS) and sell it on to other marketing companies.

The fact of the matter is that each “LIVE” email address stored inside of Facebook is worth £1.00 per month to a marketing company – and your inbox will suddenly begin to load up with emails from companies spamming you with products and services that you have never even heard of, let alone made contact with.


It’s all in the PROOF!

To make sure we were not barking up the wrong tree, we set up a new email account (one on our own domain name) and changed it within Facebook. We signed up for a couple of Facebook Applications and “BINGO” – caught, hook, line and sinker. Within 9 days of changing the email address, we started to receive emails from companies in America about Cars, Health & Beauty Products **not that I need them ;) ** which has expanded to many more offers which I care not to mention.

The ability to remove this email account was crucial – and has now been done. But what if you have used an email account you have been using for years with no bother, or worse of all – a business email account???


What you should be doing “RIGHT NOW!”

If you have no concerns about people sending you more and more spam – then leave it the way it is and just ignore what I have said above… or if you want to pop a block on this right away, I would be looking at opening a completely new FREE email account with either Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail for that matter – and change it in your profile ASAP.

We have the evidence, and all we can do is tell you about it….

The next move is yours, but PLEASE feel free to review this article and REPOST !!


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