SEO Services

The complexity behind SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can give even the best thinkers a huge headache.

There are so many different algorythms to work with, Google changing the way it wants the website to map, how much trust you have as a business with your domain name – and the list goes on and on. So, to make it easier for you to become popular in search engines, we have designed 3 SEO Packages for small businesses.


 What are the benefits of good SEO?

Without good SEO on your website, you will find that you never get found for the right keywords in SERP’s (or Search Engine Result Pages) – and without those rankings, your traffic statistics will be pretty low unless you are paying for advertising on Search Engines like Google or Bing.

By building trust with the search engines using SEO, it will always stay with you until a competitor turns up the heat and moves you down a coupl eof places in search results. This being said, if you were paying Google or any other search engine for advertising (PPC) – then the moment you pause the PPC campaign, your traffic comes to a rapid halt.

Once the trust rank is built with the search engines, you keep that ranking unless you do something SERIOUSLY wrong, like paste content onto your website from another company. At that point, Google wont just drop your rankings, it will blacklist your domain name until you put it right. Even then, it would take many hours and weeks to rebuild that trust again.


How much does SEO cost?

SEO starts from £100 a month and can cost upto 10x that much if you are targeting a popular keywords or search term like Health & Weight Loss – or possibly more in todays economy. The problem is, if you are entering an industry right away, sometimes it pays to test your “sales” pages before you do anything else, by using a minimal PPC spend on a campaign, to see how many people buy your product or service.


Get your SEO report from us.

Before we start anySEO work, we will always insist a half day looking at your site, offering advice on issues, current strategies you are using plus deciding if your keywords or phrases are the right ones to target.

By visiting our CONTACT page, you can send in a request or call: 01242 690915

Standard Package

The standard package covers a few basic things – but firstly with every package we will;

  • take an overview of your website, see how it is performing, then
  • go through your Google Analytics to see if there are any known issues (if applicable) -
  • then research your keywords to make sure you are targeting the ones that BUYERS use!

With some content targeting using professional articles, we would distribute many back links to some of the most popular article directories. Each article will have two back links pointing to your website, and they will be submitted to at least 5 directories each month – bringing in from a minimum of 20 backlinks to your site, to 100+ backlinks.

We supply the articles, and also we develop the accounts on the article websites so you just sit back and watch the customers flow in.