Google Strikes Back : De-listing Thousands of BackLink Websites

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Google Strikes Backlink Blogging Sites in Mass De-Listing StrikeBacklink Building | Blogging Networks

It’s no surprise that when you find a simple method to take out hours of painstaking work from the already long day, you follow the masses and recommendations from industries so called specialists and professionals in hope that you can do what you are good at, and run your business.

This is something which many business owners may now be regretting, as Google has started a huge culling of blogging networks that many businesses have used to cultivate one backlink into thousands, in hope to improve performance, and fool the search engines to think that they were better than what they were.

Thankfully, when these offers come through our door, we do a couple of things to protect our clients.

  1. Set up a test site of our own, and run it for a good period just using the techniques being offered,
  2. or click the delete button.


Blogging Networks and Back Linking?

In a way to build trust and authority within your business, you should always build links from websites which point towards your own wesbite. Doing this manually can take hours a day, and sometimes to very little if no quick impact at all. But, the truth is, you still need to do it to prove that you are worth your salt.

Over the last few years, people have found ways of posting content into networks of blogs (some in numbers of 20,000+) which automatically build links in mass numbers, giving you huge instant kicks up search engine results. But, the way I have always seen it, is that they can get you there quickl, but take you down twice as fast.

In simple terms, Blooging Networks -  it’s a way of posting either a single post to many websites with intent to build a link pointing back to your website. One post then gets passed to the next, and so on. Eventually, this “auto poster” has sent the same piece of content to the whole network.


How does this affect you, if at all?

If you are a business owner and have web presence, then it is a sure fire thing if you have used one of these services either directly, or indirectly.

If you have links pointing back from these sites, then over the next couple of months you will see your popularity in search results begin to drop off, as Google completely de-indexes these back linking networks / blogging networks.

Chances are, that will be the only penalty – bt it could get worse, should they begin to de-index the businesses who have been using them to try and fool the system.

Am I surprised? Not at all - and it has been a long time coming.


What will be the resolve?

Well, if your business has not been de-indexed, then you need to start thinking of a completely new strategy in how to build these links in the future. There are no hard and fast ways of doing it, and any get results quick scheme will always get sniffed out – so whichever company you decide to use, or service for that matter, just make sure they have a complete clean bill of health.


1st March 2012 – 21st March 2012

We started the month, and have gone through the majority of the Google de-index period with the same amount of clients we began with.

We don’t use these types of service. But then, that’s why we are where we are today, and have so many happy clients!

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  1. Niraj (Tenders India)

    Yes! There is no doubt about the importance of Back Linking in Search Engine Optimization. Google and Yahoo algorithm also says about the same. But If you are serious about your link building exercise, then please avoid Paid Links and Reciprocal Back Links  as short cut of your link building activity. We used Tenders as Keyword for our Organic directory submission. We found that it is time taking but very effective. We had also observed that different keyword like Tenders India, Government Tenders, Public Tender, Tender Information needs to be used to speed up SEO Processes.

    Great topic Darren, will be back again soon to read more.

    • Darren Moore

      Hey Niraj,
      You are absolutely right, you can not just aim at one main keyword which will be high traffic volume and many pages of competition – so by using longer tailed phrases like you have explained, will work eventually – you just need to give it time.

      Much like our business, the phrase SEO Cheltenham was a difficult one to target for a new website, so we aimed at “SEO Companies in Cheltenham” and “Search Engine Optimisation Companies in Cheltenham” as our keyword backlinking spikes – this way we get the longer tailed phrase plus, we will eventually rank for the shorter more naturally.

      Best of luck with your business, Niraj!

      SiteXpress SEO Cheltenham

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